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Why Does God Love You?

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When a child ask why you tell him to do or not do something we often say “because I said so,”don’t we.Well that is why we need to believe God loves us.In Ephesians 2:4 the Bible says.New International version,But because of  his great love for us,God who is rich in mercy,made us alive with Christ, even when we were dead in transgressions,it is  by grace you have been saved.Because he said so.Believe it!


You Never Burn out on Jesus

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I remember a young lady working at a convienience store tell me one time that she used to be in a band as the lead singer.Really, I said ,do you still sing?She said with a sad face, nope I got nothing to sing about no more.Wow I never heard that response before,was kinda sad.I started then a new appreciation of the faith God has graciously given me.Man I can’t write enough songs to express the amazement and awe of the reality of the Gospel.This was when I thought,man you know you can burn out on everything but you will never,ever burn out on Jesus.Of course me being so thick headed I had to have a revelation to realize this,oh well that’s cool with me

So I figure in my search for the ultimate song I want to create ,who is it gonna be about?James Taylor talked about running out of inspiration long time ago and said it’s hard to compose songs good as the old tunes.

This is why I am so pumped about this.I don’t have to burn out.What about instead I soar on “Eagles Wings.”