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Losing Your Life

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My dear wife Sherry and I have lost it.The American dream has slipped away from us.All we dream about is freedom to follow Jesus wherever he leads.Everything has to take a backseat to follow his calling.This really makes us happy to do.What a wonderful Saviour.


Can God Exert His Strenght?

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Last year this passage jumped out at me.Eph.1:19 and 1:20,”and his imcomparably great power for us who believe.That power is like the working of his mighty strength,which he exerted in Christ when he raised him from the dead”.

Now we know God is all powerful and nothing is too hard for him to do so I thought a lot about God exerting himself. I used to lift weights and theĀ  heaviest weight you can lift takes an exerting of strength.Or like the time you swam too far and barely made it back to shore.

Our saviour Jesus took on the sins of the world(he who knew no sin),to die in our place as an atonement for our sins.He literally became our “substitute,”like a sacrificial lamb.He is called the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world by John the Baptist.

So why does the text say God exerted himself when he raised Christ from the dead?I can only think “Resurrection Power,”has to be the most awesome of all miracles.The power it took,even caused many “sleeping saints,”to rise up out of their graves.After Jesus went in the air to heaven they were seen walking the streets of Jerusalem.That would get some attention.

That power is at work in those who believe,”Resurrection Power”.