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Losing Your Life

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My dear wife Sherry and I have lost it.The American dream has slipped away from us.All we dream about is freedom to follow Jesus wherever he leads.Everything has to take a backseat to follow his calling.This really makes us happy to do.What a wonderful Saviour.


My Life and This Old Piano

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Now I can see so much clearer how God had my life planned.They say hindsight is 20/20,and of course it is.This piano has been following me for 34 years.I was delivering a new Mason Hamlin six foot grand to this high scool and noticed this old piano on the stage floor.The legs were broke off and it just layed on the floor.The principal told me to take it with me if I wanted it.So I took it to my studio and set it up,repaired the legs and lyre.To my surprise I saw the whole insides(really what matters for sound quality,) was totally restored,pin block,pins,strings,hammer,and key action.I customized the action and hammer voicing next.

After performing a fine tuning on this baby I discovered a whole new world of inspiration.I have written most of my songs on this instrument.Being a studio piano over 200 gospel songs and years of recording sessions were performed on it also.Just last week we recorded some tracks for a movie score we are working on.God continues to use this piano for his glory.Last month we moved it to the church sanctuary where it will stay beside my Hammond B-3.It will now inspire hundreds more to worship.

Remember the old story about the old violin at the auction?God uses the foolishness of the world to confound the wise.No telling how many people have been blessed by this piano considering records and airplay an television and all.The old piano the school system thought was trash!

Fourty Hours Across

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Sherry and I in Monte Carlo

Never dreramed of seeing all the things we have seen in the last couple of weeks.The old cities are amazing to say the least.The plains and mountains are awsome glorious.The people are numerous as sand on the shores.The Mediterranian Sea is beautiful and vast.All in all God is so amazing and his people are his body.The family of God is amazing and serving him is our highest honor.From Lisbon, Portugal to Milan,Italy we have met children of God in Madrid,Palencia,Barcelona, and Marseille France and now Milano Italy.When it comes to building a family God is on it.

Why Does God Love You?

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When a child ask why you tell him to do or not do something we often say “because I said so,”don’t we.Well that is why we need to believe God loves us.In Ephesians 2:4 the Bible says.New International version,But because of  his great love for us,God who is rich in mercy,made us alive with Christ, even when we were dead in transgressions,it is  by grace you have been saved.Because he said so.Believe it!

Hammond B3 is going to Illinois

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I decided to take the organ to Illinois with me to the Cornerstone Festival.Everybody is using “keyboards,”to make organ sounds in live concerts and on recordings.The so called “duplicate sounds,” are cheesy at best.Ever notice Greg Allman always uses the real Hammond organ in his shows?World class groups like “Deep Purple,”now deceased Billy Preston and all the great classics used the real thing.

Everyone says”you gonna move that thing,that will be a lot of work.”Well just call me the hardest working man in the music ministry.Once I get it on the stage an up and running the crowd will know the difference.It’s time to give our God the best we can do.I can certainly do this for his glory.

Organ on the road

Pearl of Great Price

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I got this title to a song long time ago”Pearl Of Great Price.”After all these years I finally wrote the song.It turned out to be a minor key blues tune with a few good punchy chord changes.With my graveley voice it reminds me of kinda Stevie Ray or BB King.

The lyrics are inspired by the parables Jesus spoke of in Matthew 13:44 and 45,the hidden treasure and the pearl.The man that bought the field to have the treasure represents the believer that discovers the kingdom of heaven and realizing it’s incomparable worth sells all that he has to buy the field and own the treasure.I thought in the next parable( verse 45 ,)the merchant was also the believer.

The first lyrics are,”Pearl of Great Price,in the carpenters field/Gave all that he had to know it for real”.In my excitement(remember I have tried to write this tune for years,)I called the bass player Darrell Thompson.Now Darrell is a analytical sorta guy.He gets out his study bible and looks up the verses.

In his study bible the comments are researched back to the original Greek and Hebrew meanings of the words.The comment on the man who found the treasure in the field said “the man represents the believer finding the kingdom of Heaven”.The comment on verse 45 says the merchant finding the pearl of great price is God himself.This blew Darrell and I away.God sold all he had to buy the pearl of great price.That is you and me brothers and sisters(For God so loved the world,he gave his only son).

I had to change the lyrics a little.Now it is “Pearl of great price,in the carpenters field/gave all that he had,to know us for real”.I have asked many theologians who they think the merchant is and so far they all think he is the believer.Just thank the merchant he thinks of you as a “Pearl of Great Price”.

The devils got the blues

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Rob Cassels, Steve Morse and David Hosler

Well here I am doing my first blog on this tiny computer,my big one is fried.The real problem is my big hands[built for whacking the  piano keys].My first records I will never forget mostly because in 1978 there was nobody doing blues southern Christian rock and roll,not really.We had the plug pulled and got shown the door many times because we exercised our right to make noise.Even when we would rehearse the rule was we played till the police came then we had to turn down.The cops were always nice and usually loved the music.By the time I’m ready to do my first record “Evening Pastoral”I heard of this guitar player,Steve Morse that would sound good on my tracks.After doing the first session with Steve I began to realize he must be the  greatest player in the world,well he was one of them for sure.The way Steve got his sound and tone back then was cool.He used an Ampeg V-4 turned it up to eleven and suggested you leave the room.It was difficult choosing which take to use on the solos.One was fantastic and one was incredible,the choice is ours.A little insight as to how Steve plays so well,he practices nonstop.While Steve is a gentleman and spends time enjoying the fellowship,after everyone goes to bed like three in the morning.Guess who stays up the rest of the night and exercises scales till the sun comes up.That is how you become great at the guitar and wind up playing with Kansas and Deep Purple{and rob cassels????????}oh well it is my blog.You can hear all this good guitar work also on “Kamikazie Christian”,I pretty much turned him loose on that one.

What I never thought would happen is to find a church that will let me sing.The one I have been at for eight years now loves rocking blues.Always on the lookout for new tunes I quickly threw some lyrics to a basic chord structure and bam out came the hit single “The Devils Got The Blues.”Well at least the church loves it.I tried to sell this Hammond B3,”with the Lesley 900″until God told me he really wants me to play it.When I tell people I’m a church organist they think that’s nice,but if they actually heard the way we play[some wore earplugs].We are working on the volume level.

So I really do think the Devil has the blues cause he knows he’s gonna lose,could’nt work out his plan all because of just one man………See I sneeked the lyrics in there.The word says like a roaring lion he seeks whom he can destroy and he sees his time getting short.That’s enough about him.Thank God our Lord and mighty savior Jesus is the stronger man in the parable that binds the enemy

Better go practice now I still have to play some of Dave Hosler’s riffs now.Thank  God for Sam Eakins.