Fourty Hours Across

Sherry and I in Monte Carlo

Never dreramed of seeing all the things we have seen in the last couple of weeks.The old cities are amazing to say the least.The plains and mountains are awsome glorious.The people are numerous as sand on the shores.The Mediterranian Sea is beautiful and vast.All in all God is so amazing and his people are his body.The family of God is amazing and serving him is our highest honor.From Lisbon, Portugal to Milan,Italy we have met children of God in Madrid,Palencia,Barcelona, and Marseille France and now Milano Italy.When it comes to building a family God is on it.


One Response to “Fourty Hours Across”

  1. Beverly Creech Says:

    Rob, this is a great story. I guess God just wanted you to have the piano, because He knew you would use it for His Glory. I’m alot older than you and Sherry, but I remember you when you were a young couple with babies of your own. And you have remain steadfast in your love for Jesus, and your love for your wife. I’m just so proud of you Rob. Keep on keeping the Faith and the joy of the Lord always. Your friend, Beverly C. See ya on Facebook. But would love to hear you perform again. Any dates in or around Grrenville set for the future??????

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