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You Carried His Cross

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You were just a traveler,only passing through

When they seized you in the crowd

Why did God pick  you

I’ll never know I’ll never know

But I thank God for you

What were you thinking while carrying his cross

Did you know he was the Christ

The son of God

Was it heavy as they say

Was it rugged full of splint

Was the blood upon his shoulder

Stained into the wood

And did it soak onto you

Oh fortunate one

Oh fortunate you

When you reached Calvary hill

They nailed him on that tree

The one you carried up the hill

For all mans destiny

Did you know he was the Christ

The precious lamb of God

What did you think

What did you think

While carrying his cross

You were just a traveler,only passing through

When they seized  you in the crowd

Why did God pick  you

I’ll never know I’ll never know

But I thank God for you

copyright   2007  Rob Cassels


The Hammond B3 organ and the Blues #2

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Got request to explain how the organ works.Fist of all the Hammond is not really an “electronic” instrument.It works more like an old electric guitar.I just love things you have to crank up,like my Harley.On the old Hammond you have a start switch.You can hear it whine a few seconds and then you turn the on switch.The leslie speaker(more on that later),also begins to spin.Now when the tubes warm up it’s ready to rock,no it does’t shake or anything.

The reason the organ is more like an electric guitar is it works off all these wheels turning.The wheels have metal bumps on them that pass through an electro magnet.As it spins the more the bumps the higher the pitch of that tone.The result is like a flute tone.All these turn together and with the drawbars you can increase and decrease the harmonics.It has millions of slight variations.The best part is the percussion,allowing you to choose a third or second harmonic to “pop” off the note.

Now the leslie speaker is phenominal.On slow speed it is like a celestial sound and on fast it’s like totally excited and thrashing.All in all people just love the real thing the “Hammond B3.”This sound is as famous as the sound of the electric guitar.There is one in every real recording studio all over the US.Next time you hear a Gospel or old Yes tune with Rick Wakeman on organ or Need to Breathe or Allman Brothers ect.,Know that the Hammond helped put them on the charts.

The Hammond B3 and the Blues

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Portugal 2009 at "Rock on Christmas"

With all the glut of “keyboards,” on the market few people consider where it all began.Before digital anything, stuff still had to get done.Pianos were tuned by ear and organs amplifed by vacum tubes.Rock and roll and blues are very closely kin.The drums drive the beat,The bass drives the bottom,guitars make it chunky and the Hammond makes it smooth.This I learned from a road trip with Mylon Lefevre.
Now I bought this organ from a neighbor 9 years ago to resale and turn a buck.After three years in my dining room my wife is weary of the thing (it is quite large),and wants it out.I asked God please help me sell it.God says no I want you to play it!
I put the organ in the church six years ago and guess who plays it every Sunday,that little ole organ picker me.

You have all heard the sound from the likes of Greg Allman,Rush,Yes,and about all Gospel music.God truly inspired Mr.Hammond when he came up with his invention.Thank you sir.